Jan 7, 2013

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Nvidia Introduced Latest Shield Handheld Console

As users where longing for Nvidia to broadcast Tegra 4 leaked which features with an A15 quad-core, 72 GPI cores and 4G LTE, the company where however phased out latest handheld console called Project Shield.

Compare to the most common handheld devices, these comes with a remote controller together with the sports 5-inch called “Retinal” 720p resolution display which is also empowered by Tegra 4 processor alongside with the Android application. This also features with 4k playback on Ultra HD LG TV and can connected through PC.

It is capable with Android games. And its shield has built with micro-USB and HDMI connections and can support through microSD storage expansion.

Company however stated that they advocates to make their own entity video games while it just similar to the previous ones. While OnLive-ish service called Nvidia Grid was also highlighted and are allowing gamers to have an easy access on playing a video games on TV’s.
However the name “Shield” was just temporary and the Company where still looking for its official name. Roger Chin of CNET stated that Nvidia where now unveiled a Q2 as their latest handheld gaming.

Recently, the Company has looking forward to see it launch in at Computex in Taiwan which are a lot significant to Nvidia.

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