Dec 5, 2012

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Naro-Tartaruga – A Nautical Robot

Researchers from Switzerland innovated a robot likely cloned by a sea turtles. This is highly developed through a Nature-inspired drones.

It is called a Naro – Tartaruga. Tartaruga derived from “Turtle” in Italian and Portuguese. Researchers in Zurich University however proven that a robot can swim deep on the water independently. While researcher shows their interest upon studying a wide fin propulsion along with the consumption of fin-propelled systems.
This designed with 39 inches long and 175 pounds, built with aluminum and can swim for as deep as 330 feet long.

Considered as a second nature-like drone where top researchers upgraded. Way back year 2008-2009 this researchers developed original naro, and they were appoint almost 8 students in ETH as their semester thesis. Summer 2012 was a year where the fortunately let the drone swim autonomously, as those were a part of their master’s thesis.

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