Dec 13, 2012

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Ray Kingston Introduces A Sneaker Speaker Bluetooth Ready Device

Ray Kingston Company innovated a new designed Bluetooth ready speaker called “Sneaker Speaker”. A named made quoted from a Kingston designer and founder. This is a very rare designed since it has made aimed to help develop future devices and can also help enhancing “Ghetto Vibe”.

Ray Kingston stated that a device is made to help develop urban artists or to any music related business. What made a Sneaker exotic is that this is made with an old fashion design. And it is very handy that you can just simply hang it in your shoulder while you were listening into lullabies. So, you are now hassle free!

Kingston Company made Sneaker with an old fashion, urban art and music as well. As they were mobilizing people to use their devices and are somehow an outstanding feature for any music related matters.

Ray Kingston who founded the company says he’s very active as a new concept designer and had previously spent 14 years designing products for Sony.  This company is his own way of reaching back to his origins, and focuses more on developing products that people can use in daily life on the street.

Right after Ray Kingston founded the Company he became very more active while he striving as a new designer and that he now already in his 14th year of service. He is focusing more on its origin and are enhancing thing that can be uses on the worlds daily needs.

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