Jan 14, 2013

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Panasonic bone conduction headphones that can directly transfer loud and clear sounds to your inner ear

For users to understand how a new headset form Panasonic works, they must first to understand that it is the common complain that skull or tissue surrounded by our eardrum is one responsible for the audio  we eventually hear when we have headphones on our ears.

The CES 2012 stated that Kyocera launched a new speakerless prototype Smartphone. That has instead of its required emission testing on a .phone ringtone or music through a regular speaker it rather vibrates through oscillator, instead user need to put the phone directly to their head so vibration can go through eardrum and will enable you to hear clear and ,loud sounds translated by the brain.
While Panasonic made the new headphone specifically for the user to hear high quality sounds, though experienced user claim that at first they had really encounter discomfort since this still requires to turn off other sounds.
This might new to some readers but this could help us a lot since this has a better quality and served as a traditional headphones and speakers, like when you are at the noisy place where there are a lots of things/noise that would interfere you, you could still hear its utmost clear sounds since it could automatically transfer to your inner ear. Even if you were on a highway you could still the sounds clearly. Though in U.S wearing headphones while driving has been banned that doesn’t still condemned users to use it since this could help us to go on with our highly active daily doings.
Recently it has known that there were a lot of companies imitated these latest headsets with Bluetooth enabled, wireless, speakerless headphones like the Aftershokz a device that will run with just single AAA battery. Its retail price has not yet been reveal yet it has said that this is lesser than 300 U.S dollars.

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