Dec 13, 2012

Mitsubishi Innovates Robot That Can Withstand Toxic Radiation Level

Recent Mitsubishi’s updates shows that they are known as the most outstanding Company ever innovated robot that can withstand toxic radiation level that are significant to Fukushima nuclear power plant ruined right after major natural calamities disaster last 2011 in Japan.

As the plant running very risky, its workers are also endorsing robots that could enable to record radiation levels. Hitachi and Toshiba too were also supporting Fukushima and Mitsubishi has been said that there are no other company developing the same robot as they were working of.

Ray Kingston Introduces A Sneaker Speaker Bluetooth Ready Device

Ray Kingston Company innovated a new designed Bluetooth ready speaker called “Sneaker Speaker”. A named made quoted from a Kingston designer and founder. This is a very rare designed since it has made aimed to help develop future devices and can also help enhancing “Ghetto Vibe”.

Ray Kingston stated that a device is made to help develop urban artists or to any music related business. What made a Sneaker exotic is that this is made with an old fashion design. And it is very handy that you can just simply hang it in your shoulder while you were listening into lullabies. So, you are now hassle free!

Dec 11, 2012

Pedal Powered Bike Can Charge Gadgets

Have you ever dream of working out while you no hassle upon charging your gadgets? Element Hotels implemented eco-friendly exercise bikes where it can be connected laptops or any other outdoor handy gadgets that can work just by pushing the pedal. 

Its pedals has been built with a machine and are allowing users to generate electricity while working out. Cool right? A president of and CEO of Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Mr. Frits Van Paaschen illustrated the bike capability, where others also generated an accurate electricity, so it’ll be run with computers and any gadgets as well.

Wave Gliders – A Robot For Ocean Deep Climates

The former innovation of a “Wave Gliders” robots in California has been pulled 2 out 4 with due to problems specifically on its 800 miles distance.

The “Papa Mau” (Robot) that has tested as it reached with its targeted distance where it has entering with all the desired data and are significant to scientist. Right after the official launched of “Papa Mau” this has been navigated all the way where an autonomous control optimizing a numerous amount along the ocean information prior to its sighed distance. This Robot is however made to monitor the whole area of the sea.

Dec 9, 2012

Hue Toaster - Toast never comes over-toast

Hue Toaster
If you love to toast, giving you a different result could be frustrating. Whether you buy a cheap or an expensive one, they'll have the same problem: Toasters have a burn intensity with a numerical dial.

Dec 8, 2012

Stealth WPC-525F - a waterproof computer that can be run over by a truck!

Stealth WPC-525F being run over by a pickup truck.
If you are a bit clumsy or spends a lot of time in hazardous area, then Stealth is perfect for you! The new Stealth WPC-525F computer is water-proof with a case strong enough to handle being run over by a truck.

Philips and StarMaker Will Launch a New Wireless Karaoke with Bluetooth on March

StarMaker cooperates with Philips as they were about to launch a latest edition of a wireless karaoke microphone and a Bluetooth speaker that can be access with iPhone, and any other devices.

Milli-Motein – A Transformer Robot

An MIT researchers made a transformer like robot device that can clone any imaginary designs.

Reading text messages made easier - right from your contact lens!

Contact lens made up with a curved LCD display.

Tired reading text messages from your smart phone? Well, accessing your smart phone is now made easier!

Gent University researchers at the Centre of Microsystems Technology have developed contact lenses that can pull up text messages from your smart phone.

Dec 6, 2012

e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30 - Toshiba's printer that can wipe off printed text

Toshiba e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30 Printer
e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30 - Toshiba's printer that can wipe off printed text

In 2013, Toshiba will proudly launch the world's first eco-friendly multifunction printer that can wipe off printed text and images on papers hence allow recycling to be possible.

The e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30 printer has a specially formulated toner, which can be wiped off from paper when put across at an extreme temperature; therefore, paper can be reused many times.

Dec 5, 2012

Naro-Tartaruga – A Nautical Robot

Researchers from Switzerland innovated a robot likely cloned by a sea turtles. This is highly developed through a Nature-inspired drones.

HP EliteBook Revolve Notebook Launch on March

HP Elitebook Revolve

What could you notice that laptop above? Well, HP introduced you a super handy, durable and fast Elite book. It’s a convertible PC for a traditional sort, designed with a fixed screen and can be fold into a tablet mode. Supported with a mild finger function. And are made of a sturdy magnesium alloy. It is too capable of any executives on the go and any business related.

Dec 3, 2012

SMS celebrates its 21st Birthday

Way back December 3 1992 in UK, one of the programmer tried to send a message to his mate with a greeting using a SMS (Short Messaging Service). The programmer itself test for the Sema Group, and are sending a message from a computer to a phone of Richard Jarvis one of the Vodafone employee. A “Merry Christmas” message where they find it fun and easy to communicate.

Hirobo's HX-1 Battery-Built in Helicopter

Hirobo introduce a newly innovated battery-built in helicopter called “HX-1” has a counter rotation that may integrates a fly-by-wire control option. This has an approximate flight rate of 30 minutes and are capable to fly with person riding it, associated with a remote control. As it has done tested and has a refine function, innovator stated that this will officially fly with human prior to 2013.  

Nov 29, 2012

Google Integrates Drive + Gmail and offers 10GB Attachments

Intended for some that were to addict in uploading and downloading data from the internet, you must be extra cautious in regards of the ads that were commonly appear in any department. As we know that there were some who’s Email accounts offers to transfer up to 25MB, you should know that there were a lots of scams and imitation today. 

Nov 10, 2012

Ship to Friends: Lets You Send Item Via Facebook

What if Facebook and FedEx will unite in sending items to your recipient? Definitely, it's possible. “Ship to Friends”, is what the new called app that allows users to use FedEx to ship items to their friends. You can use this service by using the app's interface. Members are not permitted to leave the site. You can also ship some package to anyone. These big companies united to make user amaze by experiencing them the quicker way to send items to Facebook friends by just selecting from friends list.

Nov 9, 2012

iPhone Gramaphone for Vintage Music

It's quite tough when you are listening to your phone. You still need a speaker to fully enjoy the song you are listening if you do not have headphones. But what if you feel like listening little more vintage, 1870 – vintage? Recently, Restoration Hardware has released the iPhone Gramaphone – and yes, your thoughts are correct. 


BeBionic 3: Mechnical Hand That Looks Like Terminator

RSLSteeper, a british company has know for developing prosthetic limbs for years. Their latest creation is quietly superb, the BeBioic 3. This mechanical prosthetic hand is composed of light weight carbon with alloy knuckles and aluminium. The design is seems to be impressive, it is good enough to be worn without pain, however, where is really predominates is in its function. BeBionic 3 is strong enough to clasp a book and assign to hold an egg.

Nov 8, 2012

Rumor: iPad Mini 2 With Retina Display Feature

rumor iPad Mini 2 with retina display

Right after the iPad mini official released, hearsays were already anticipate regarding its replacement.

HiLO Lens – A New Lens for iPad/iPhone Photography

HiLO Lens for iPad and iPhone

Common digital cameras had just a flip screen and that doesn’t even consistent since some even uploaded photos and edited it. The new HiLo Lens may help your iPhone camera or iPad camera in a very common way. These new lens is the first ever angle lens for your gadgets, that may help you capture more elegant and clear photos.

Analog Meter Balls That Detect PC Status

An announcement from MARSHAL that they are now developing an analog meter that will view a PC's status. The product is still on testing process, but MARSHAL is creating 3 types of meter. CPU meter, HDD meter, a memory meter, and maybe a final meter that will rule the three.

Analog Meter Balls That Detect PC Status 

Nov 7, 2012

Google Maps for iOS Gets Ready By Year End

google maps for ios 6 

Recently Google is sanctioning on the Maps application for iOS 6 that are made for deployment this year. Google needs a faster rate since an Apple company advocate to install iOS 6.

A New Simulator Racing Car That Looks Like and Actual Racing Car

simulator racing car 

Have you ever dreamt of to have an amazing, exotic racer car? Well, the newly innovated racer car was now out of the markets. A car best suit for racing into your CR and even in the living room. This is known to be as a Simulator made by FMCG International, similar to F1 car. Shaped with a universal figure with three different colors; Silver, Red and Black. It suited with an original tire and brakes. Simulator however is very genuine.

Nov 5, 2012

Windows To GO – Your New Windows Desktop Computer on a Secure USB Flash Drive

Windows 8 introduce you a new Windows To go feature where enable you to install images of Windows 8 that can be store on any storage devices.

You may use Flash Disk to boot/reboot Windows 8, so they can have a very convenient work at any areas with a faster access to a wide environment. If this will be unplug from the computer this will then resumes to its appropriate settings.

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