Dec 13, 2012

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Mitsubishi Innovates Robot That Can Withstand Toxic Radiation Level

Recent Mitsubishi’s updates shows that they are known as the most outstanding Company ever innovated robot that can withstand toxic radiation level that are significant to Fukushima nuclear power plant ruined right after major natural calamities disaster last 2011 in Japan.

As the plant running very risky, its workers are also endorsing robots that could enable to record radiation levels. Hitachi and Toshiba too were also supporting Fukushima and Mitsubishi has been said that there are no other company developing the same robot as they were working of.
There are a lot of benefits robots are made inside the plant, this are also help searching mines.
A Meister is one of the top device that are maintaining Equipment more integrated system of Telecontrol robot and are innovated with a rough and high quality material to help withstand radiation. This is 1.3 metres long and has two arms that can lift up to 15 kilograms.

The mere reality nowadays is that most of the people were belittling robot capability that robot couldn’t be able to do deep and heavy task, but, generally most of the technologist found robot as the most significant to their field.

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