Nov 10, 2012

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Ship to Friends: Lets You Send Item Via Facebook

What if Facebook and FedEx will unite in sending items to your recipient? Definitely, it's possible. “Ship to Friends”, is what the new called app that allows users to use FedEx to ship items to their friends. You can use this service by using the app's interface. Members are not permitted to leave the site. You can also ship some package to anyone. These big companies united to make user amaze by experiencing them the quicker way to send items to Facebook friends by just selecting from friends list.

This is how the application works:

1. Launch the Facebook page, and then click on the 'Start' shipping button. Like some Facebook apps you encounter, FedEx application will as for permission to use your Facebook account information.

2. Choose your recipient (friend) that you would like to send some items.

3. You are then prompt to enter your credit card information and then click “Complete Purchase.”

4. Once it's all done, you're required to package the item and drop it at your nearest FedEx location.

The app has the same type of functionality from FedEx's website, but it is much more convenient way to send things to the people you communicate. “Ship to Friends” can be accessed via Facebook website and mobile application. But sad to say, the service can only be used in the United States.

Source: CNet

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