Dec 3, 2012

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SMS celebrates its 21st Birthday

Way back December 3 1992 in UK, one of the programmer tried to send a message to his mate with a greeting using a SMS (Short Messaging Service). The programmer itself test for the Sema Group, and are sending a message from a computer to a phone of Richard Jarvis one of the Vodafone employee. A “Merry Christmas” message where they find it fun and easy to communicate.

Looking through, it’s been how many years since the online pc-phone message discovered and now it has reached more than 8 trillion messages released and made every year. And its statistics update state that an adult age 18-25 sent more than 133 messages per week.
The guidance however concluded as it is very beneficial and has a good quality services. SMS were also very popular in Europe for a various functions. For just a one beep of mobile phone it will then use as there were somebody wanted to chat with you. This has an affordable rate compare to a several services.
It started with a pager, beeper, telegraphy and telex. Message before will be sent through 911 and 07734 as it will likely served as a very quick messaging, commonly on emergency matters. As we all know that messaging/text known as the most preferred service of communication specifically in business and between friends.
Thickett stated that “The availability of a wider range of communications tools, like instant messaging and social networking sites, means people might be sending fewer SMS messages, but they are communicating electronically more than ever before,"
Technological change is now so rapid and so unpredictable that no one can say how we will be communicating in 20 years' time. However the SMS messages have been defining texts of the past two decades.

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