Dec 8, 2012

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Philips and StarMaker Will Launch a New Wireless Karaoke with Bluetooth on March

StarMaker cooperates with Philips as they were about to launch a latest edition of a wireless karaoke microphone and a Bluetooth speaker that can be access with iPhone, and any other devices.

iPad could even dock into the 30-pin cord through a speaker to widen its equalizer effect and  can adopt signal easily from a microphone. This is a very handy karaoke that you can bring in any outdoor/indoor occasions. But this could unable to fetch signal through 8-pin Lightning port of Apple’s devices without a data cord.

This could provide song together with its lyrics, and can play with a different kind of bass. Further, it has the ability to voice record, where you can even uploaded online, and has a scoring mode for singing where it could give you a voice quality score.

It can perform an auto-tuning voice where it can help you broaden your voice especially when you were in your singing momentum.

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