Dec 9, 2012

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Hue Toaster - Toast never comes over-toast

Hue Toaster
If you love to toast, giving you a different result could be frustrating. Whether you buy a cheap or an expensive one, they'll have the same problem: Toasters have a burn intensity with a numerical dial.

Various toasters burn differently because there is no standard to what "3" on a dial means or equates to a certain amount of heat. In addition, you also have to consider that different breads will burn differently. Toasters don't usually experience a lot of innovation, but the latest Hue toaster is designed to change this: ensuring that your bread toasts perfectly every time.
The toaster is made up with photo sensors to toast your bread and are placed throughout the toaster. These sensors check the color of the bread and once it reaches your desired hue, it shuts off. On top of that, you no longer need to have a specialized mode for frozen bread because once it reaches a certain temperature, it only browns.
The creator of the Hue Toaster, Basheer Tome, an interaction designer with a BS in Industrial Design, says "It's simple to use and consistent every time".
Unfortunately, the toaster is still a prototype and it needs to find backers in order for it to move into production.

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