Nov 8, 2012

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Analog Meter Balls That Detect PC Status

An announcement from MARSHAL that they are now developing an analog meter that will view a PC's status. The product is still on testing process, but MARSHAL is creating 3 types of meter. CPU meter, HDD meter, a memory meter, and maybe a final meter that will rule the three.

Analog Meter Balls That Detect PC Status 

Integrated with an unshared package of software, the meters has the ability to read various data within the Windows task manager and it displays on their cockpit style gadgets.

These awesome gadgets are completely handmade, they are all black with spherical shape bear a Gantz-like attributes to them. It also displays the present value of what data it is displaying with an accurate red arrow pointing. The final conception may not perfectly compete this simple design. But maybe, MARSHAL may still have a bunch of surprises to reveal.

This secret gadget has a LED backlight that makes it more fantastic when you switch the lights off.

Takeomi Maruyama, MARSHAL's head of domestic planning, had connoted his thoughts about the kinky meter product.
"Engineers who develop ways to convert analog to digital are a dime a dozen, but those who know how to convert digital to analog are few and far between. For this reason, it took a long time for this product to be realized from its original design."
These balls are made to allure the fans with its style and uniqueness even if the functionality is not that abundant yet. However, the release date is still unknown. But you can purchase one for around $25. Presently, three test models are available, but it may change if they are famous enough.

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