Nov 9, 2012

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BeBionic 3: Mechnical Hand That Looks Like Terminator

RSLSteeper, a british company has know for developing prosthetic limbs for years. Their latest creation is quietly superb, the BeBioic 3. This mechanical prosthetic hand is composed of light weight carbon with alloy knuckles and aluminium. The design is seems to be impressive, it is good enough to be worn without pain, however, where is really predominates is in its function. BeBionic 3 is strong enough to clasp a book and assign to hold an egg.

With the sensors that are attach via forearm sleeve, the prosthetic hand is controlled by the shrinkage of two muscles in the forearm. A tiny bioelectrical signal, recovered by hand's sensor, is produced when a muscle tenses. It will then amplifies the signal that will send to the hand to close. A signal is futhermore sent for the hand to open as the other muscle stretches. Wrist rotation mode is done when both muscle are tense. Hence, it doesn't function in the same way of a real hand, but it is controlled by the muscle in the arm, and it is apparently easy to learn using it.

Richard Shapcott, general manager of the US branch of SteeperUSA said that the digits can be performed individually. Most prosthetics nowadays can only perform gripping, open and close function. However, BeBionic 3 has motor in each joints which can perform exquisite operations like clicking a mouse. The hand has presets with eight variant grips which some of it includes manual rotation of thumb with the other hand. BeBionic has also software which allows you to modify the grips and modifying the existing one.

The mechanical hand has already outfited 30-50 since September and Nigel Ackland, who lost his hands six years age, is one of them.

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