Nov 7, 2012

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Google Maps for iOS Gets Ready By Year End

google maps for ios 6 

Recently Google is sanctioning on the Maps application for iOS 6 that are made for deployment this year. Google needs a faster rate since an Apple company advocate to install iOS 6.

But however Guardians report caught as it is probably wrong.

At any rate, they’ve made an overstated concerned. Apple might not approve their app, but every innovator published to the App Store. It's a function of Apple's opaque, ever-changing standards for what qualifies for App Store trending. A developer can sell an app for years only to find it yanked from the store over some sudden change -- it happens at the moment. And so it's not at all uncommon that a some employees among the thousands who work at Google fear decline from Apple.

And that may seem like Apple has condemned Google Apps from any market store. There were a number of other mapping issues, there are also different maps based app available and still Apple would put Google’s app into a new version of iPhone 5.

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