Nov 9, 2012

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iPhone Gramaphone for Vintage Music

It's quite tough when you are listening to your phone. You still need a speaker to fully enjoy the song you are listening if you do not have headphones. But what if you feel like listening little more vintage, 1870 – vintage? Recently, Restoration Hardware has released the iPhone Gramaphone – and yes, your thoughts are correct. 


iPhone Gramaphone is designed to look like a gramaphone. It has bass horn, walnut base and an iron on it. iPhone users can just simply plug their device directly to the base and the horn simply amplifies the sound from its speaker. No need to worry, no batteries or electricity needed. 
Since this dock is vintage, don't expect high-definition quality from it. The creators says that the dock is designed to keep the classic look and classic sound. 
The Gramaphone is already available. It accepts all the iPhone models, including the iPhone 5 which costs $249. For iPad Gramaphone, it costs $299.

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