Nov 8, 2012

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HiLO Lens – A New Lens for iPad/iPhone Photography

HiLO Lens for iPad and iPhone

Common digital cameras had just a flip screen and that doesn’t even consistent since some even uploaded photos and edited it. The new HiLo Lens may help your iPhone camera or iPad camera in a very common way. These new lens is the first ever angle lens for your gadgets, that may help you capture more elegant and clear photos.
Built with three major angles:
  • Low angle – for taking photos of young children and pets
  • High angle – like a periscope for photographing over a crowd
  • Wide angle – choose wide or standard, for video and photo

With HiLo lens you will be more in creating pictures and you can even use it with a different angle.
Its prototype is indicated in a video with iPhone. Currently, tests with iPhone 5 if it is capable.
The specifications in HiLo Lens are more elegant compare to the former lenses available for iPhone. And it is made with just a cheaper cost.

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